Contact us to inquire about new business.

phone/LINE: +66 81-413-3386

instagram: @kleinmoosatov

Contact us to inquire about new business.

phone/LINE: +66 81-413-3386

instagram: @kleinmoosatov

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Hospitality Branding — Spatial Design & Customer Experience


5 Principles of
Klein Moosatov

Klein Moosatov‘s concepts answer to 5 principles that are focused on customer experience. These principles guide us in:

  • clarifying and amplifying the core message of your brand;
  • adapting and developing your business with the constantly changing world in mind;
  • meeting evolving needs of your community.

Principle 1

Start with Why.

What is your Why? What is your brand’s ethos? Returning customers seek more value than premium branding and choose businesses with ideas worth rallying around.

Upon clarifying your Why, we implement our professional skillset to amplify your message throughout your products, activities and communication.

Principle 2

Make people feel seen and valued.

How do you want your customer to feel? Post-pandemic world values brands that take responsibility for the quality of life of their customers and their communities. Hence, your Why should be aligned with the needs of your community.

Principle 3

Spatial design directly affects physical and mental health.

We support the notion that surrounding physical space matters. Studies have shown the presence of natural light, plant life and selected artworks improve psychological reactions of calmness and reassurance for customers as well as staff members.

We believe that spaces that are profit-oriented should still strive to be human-centered.

Principle 4

Flexible hybrids is the way to succeed in ever-changing times.

We subscribe to the idea of hybrids — taking inspiration from adjacent sectors, merging different (at times — opposite) ideas, experiences and aesthetics.

We believe that strong hybrids:

  • diversify your business in an economy with shifting markets;
  • train your business to be adaptable and quick on your feet;
  • reach new audiences and introduce them to each other, thus building diverse communities.

Besides, we’re just thrilled that by combining already established ideas you can create something fresh and unique. Always feels a tad magical to us.

Principle 5

Finally, and perhaps most importantly: we believe that true authenticity can only be achieved when the client’s cause and our own are aligned. That is why we prioritize working with collaborative partners who share our commitment to customer experience and betterment of community.

Whether we are creating together a brand, a campaign, or a physical space, ensuring that our causes are aligned is a fundamental principle for us.

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